Welcome to Divination School

Welcome to Divination School
featuring the Beauty of the Tarot.

 Tarot is a divine tool for inner wisdom and guidance. Tap into the language of your Soul through symbols, images, colors, and messages for your life and your family/community too.

  • Gain insight, guidance, and clarity
  • Amplify your intuition and innermost voice
  • Dive into a deep study of the Major and Minor Arcana cards
  • Learn how to lay out a complete tarot reading and actually read it too!
  • Gather in community to study, share and sustain each other in the practice


In the Wheel of the Year, one of the most powerful times for divination is the season from Samhain (aka, Halloween) through Winter Solstice. This is the dark womb time of the year where we go deep inside the dream world, align and divine from within, and re-emerge with the birth of the Sun at Winter Solstice.

Join us for this dream time in Divination School. We will gather for 5 consecutive Mondays from November 2nd – November 30th.
Each session will hold 2 hours of tarot with Brenda and 30 minutes of embodied flow with Sianna.

 Divination School is open to ALL who feel the call and the stirring in their hearts to read the Beauty of the Tarot.


Tarot is the answer to guide you through the unknown, the chaos by offering steady insight.

Embodied Flow

Embody the lessons in rhythmic movement with breath and blessing energy to support you in your alchemical journey of the tarot.


Over the 5 weeks, you'll build community with your tarot companions and deepen the journey in the spirit of
collective energy. 

What is Tarot?

Tarot is the answer to guide you through the unknown,
the chaos by offering steady insight.

Tarot will validate your intuition, provide inspiration for your journey, and guidance for those moments of uncertainty. You will explore an ancient language that speaks with great clarity, guiding you through our modern days. Join us on this sacred deep dive to connect with tarot. No experience is necessary—only open hearts and minds.

Words from Sianna:

Brenda knows how to break it down, make it accessible, comprehensible, and then bring it fully to life in the most playful way! She has an outrageous gift for waking up the power of sight with the cards. You will gain a lifetime skill for insight, clarity, and intuition by learning how to read the cards. And she always gets rave reviews and standing ovations too!

Brenda is the creator of the visually stunning Beauty of the Tarot which will we use for our 5-week awesome journey together.


$450 in full
or 2 low payments of $250


5 Mondays in November 2020
A Samhain initiation and divination season!

November 2nd
November 9th 
November 16th
November 23rd
November 30th


All sessions

11 am - 1:30 pm PST

*sessions will be recorded and sent out in case you can't make it live

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Meet Brenda Rose Villa

Brenda Rose is renowned for her powerful transmissions and healing presence. An acclaimed psychic medium and coach, she empowers and inspires clients to live and love their lives guided by their soul’s purpose and fueled by passion. Her masterful knowledge of the tarot and the nuances of this soul-language has served thousands of clients and inspired students.

She created The Beauty of Tarot deck and its accompanying teaching course to amplify students' own magic and intuition activated by Tarot’s sacred power of discernment. 

Additionally, Brenda is a business and personal consultant, public speaker, co-host for The Insider’s Guide to the Other Side podcast on iHeart Radio. She offers guided meditation journeys with Connections- a meditation CD, Activate Your Energy-video series, and Ignite Your Intuition-audio program.  Brenda’s unique skills offer dynamic courses, such as: Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Mediumship Made Real, Athena in Action for women leaders, Athena’s Magical Secrets for spiritual seekers wanting to activate in the daily world, enneagram, Kolbe, and mediumship. 

Visit her website:

Meet Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman (she/her) is an international yoga teacher, training tens of thousands of students and teachers, for nearly three decades. As the visionary of the Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL, Sianna shares her voice in the way of community and collaboration. She is a gifted storyteller and awakens the imagination through the language of the soul.

Dedicated to embodied wisdom, social justice activism, anti-racism, unpacking her own white privilege, shadow work, mantra, ritual, and Tantric yoga philosophy, Sianna brings a genuine presence to every offering with humility, devotion, and deep care for the collective.

In addition, she has extensive training in bodywork, functional anatomy, wildcrafting, and earth-based wisdom. She leads Rasa Yoga teacher trainings, alchemical arts for sacred sisterhood, pilgrimages to sacred sites, and is the co-host of the Fearless Heart Activation series with her beloved, Masood Ali Khan, to inspire courageous conversations and brave space for real transformation in these times. When she is not teaching or dreaming up community activations, Sianna will most likely be somewhere outside in nature or cuddling up with her family.

Join us on this 5 week journey of connection, curiosity, and community

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